Bhanu Kiran

Bhanu Kiran

Bhanu looked at the flickering streetlight from his 3rd-floor apartment window. The street dogs were exhausted after having growled at all the strangers in the night, who’d now drifted off to their respective abodes. He returned to plonk on his bed and picked a book to read in the scant light of his bedside lamp. But his restless mind could not find focus. A voice kept echoing in his mind that trailed over from the last call that he’d received almost 5 hours ago, ‘I’m getting married.’

He slapped the book shut and leapt out of bed. A chilled glass of water could not quell the anxiety. He was desperate to call back. Is that even a choice anymore? Was it too late already? Kiran loved him, right?

His eyes roved over to the clock. Another 4 hours and Kiran would have flown out. Bhanu was undecided as to what should he do. The light on the street was flickering still. But dawn was breaking in.

It was almost 6 when he decided this was a decent time to call his friends and so he did. Rishi did not respond so he called Gayatri, who picked up in two rings.

“What?” She sounded perplexed.

“Yeah, that’s right. Kiran is getting married,” he repeated it for her benefit.

“You can’t let that happen,” Gayatri was as insistent as friends can be.

“Who is that?” Rishi pitched in.

Gayatri indicated that it was Bhanu’s call so he took over immediately, “What is it, dude?”

“Kiran’s getting married,” the more he repeated, the more this truth kept gnawing like a monster.

After listening to everything, Rishi decided that they should be by his side pronto. They agreed that they had enough time to visit Bhanu and then go on about their business for the day.

Upon reaching his home the decision altered. They needed to go and confront Kiran instead. Bhanu did not think it was a good idea since Kiran sounded decisive. But Rishi and Gayatri were utterly convinced that this was the only way for Kiran to know about Bhanu’s feelings. Not that he couldn’t have done this on his own, but considering that he couldn’t over the phone last night when he had the opportunity, the friends decided to take the matter in their hands.

Soon their encouragement landed Bhanu at Kiran’s home. When the apartment door opened, he scanned the room that seemed to have wrapped up carefully with the luggage set aside.

“I see that you’re ready,” Bhanu started. Kiran nodded with hopeful eyes, wanting to hear more than that.

“You can’t marry a girl,” he blurted. Kiran stood bemused.

“Parents chose a girl. Whatcha gonna do?” Kiran shrugged his shoulders.

“I’m gonna tell you that I love you and you love me. And I should be the one marrying you.” With tear soaked eyes he carefully leaned in and both kissed. Rishi and Gayatri looked on, beaming at the young couple they played cupid for.

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