Bidding Adieu to Autumn

Bidding Adieu to Autumn

The magic of autumnal hues
Leaves us in awe and mesmerised  
Cherished as God’s favourite muse 
They’re adorned and often disguised

Burnt oranges, russets, and golds 
Like flames adorn the fiery boughs 
Tale of broken affair unfolds 
As they forget their solemn vows 

The breeze languidly passes by 
Humming a melancholic song 
As forlorn leaves flutter and fly 
Gladly the breeze takes them along 

Seeking a haven in solace
The leaves like shooting stars cascade 
They settle down in a safe place 
Ere in oblivion they fade 

Jaunty Autumn whispers goodbye 
It’s finally time to let go
Forlorn winter is drawing nigh 
To veil the emotions in snow 

A silent gloom shall now engulf 
As harsh winter will reign o’er us


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