A chilly winter morn, I was sleeping sound
Unlike an alarm, woke up to an ebullient sound
Eager to join the gaiety, I walked out the gate
Winged guests shuffled the pond in a waddling gait.

The feathered migrants arrived in a joyous herd
I sat from where the cheerful warble could be heard
Cranes, stints, bluethroats, pelicans and swallow
Struck by their beauty, excitement I did swallow

As they carved their evanescent path in the air
Perched on a wire claiming it like a worthy heir
It exposed wondrous hues of their slender tails
My Camera started to record their splendid tales

Playful whistles beckoned my romantic to fore
I scattered some seeds and took back steps four
As they dashed and kissed the ground one by one
Some incredible shots, the birdwatcher had won!


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