Blazing Love

Blazing Love

“Have you ever truly loved each other?”

Old man Ritsu glances at Ranvir and Disha, his associates who help run his stray rescue. The young couple were in love until ten days ago. Got engaged, moved into a chic apartment in Jamnagar with parental approval. Now they are over; surrendering their beloved Shih Tzu they adopted a year ago. Is love so fragile?

A Japanese man settled in India, Ritsu Omori loved his Indian wife, Mira Sawant, immensely. Though not blessed with children, they had a happy marriage. Founded this stray rescue in the 1980s.

“Prove it. Find the right match for your partner. Don’t want them to marry someone subpar, do you?”

Ritsu’s words resonate with Ranvir and Disha. They had stood against odds, bolstered each other’s ambitions. The equation shifted when Ranvir became an established artist. His art exhibition coincided with Disha’s Kathak debut. The latter was a struggling dancer who relinquished her software job and wanted a man who could celebrate her big moment. Ranvir was done explaining — cancellation wasn’t easy.


Ranvir accompanies Disha to marriage interviews as her friend. Doctor, teacher, volunteer at an NG7O he turns down every guy. Disha, who’s agitated initially, feels pleased, reassured as this goes on.

Ranvir thinks no one is better suited to her. That was a silly argument. They should have resisted the intense blaze of those negative emotions. The dance performance and exhibition were cancelled. Her and Ranvir’s sponsors rescinded at the last juncture. They argued under stress. If only they had a calm head…


Seated at his table, Ranvir watches his last potential match walk out of the chic art cafe, then glances at Disha. “We did this enough.”

She looks exhausted from rejecting every attendee. The sight of her refreshes his soul. Why couldn’t he realise it?

He did, but let his ego cloud his rational mind. The blaze of emotions that day was too hot to handle. They are too precious to lose now. His love for Disha won’t fade.

“I can’t give you up. I love you, Disha. One argument can’t cause our break up. To part with you wasn’t a pledge. Was I holding onto it for my pride’s sake? When my heart was saying you were my everything? I was an idiot.”

Teary-eyed, Disha leaps into Ranvir’s lap. “You spoke my thoughts, Ranvir. Let’s focus on love, not stubbornness. I don’t mind if this blazing love consumes me. Like it is now. I love you. I won’t deny it again.”

Ranvir’s smile is full of love. His hands combing her hair are soothing, just as his lips against hers. That evening, they reclaim Charlie, their dog, thanking Ritsu. Ritsu’s blessings come after they share his expensive Japanese sake.

The locality is soon abuzz. Ritsu’s magic worked again. Although he would say magic was with the menders.


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