Blissful Ray of Light

Blissful Ray of Light

That blissful ray of light, in pristine pure white,
Fell upon my form, t’was a striking sight,
Awakening me from an ignorant sleep,
To let me realise those lessons to keep,
Taking off burdens, making me feel feather-light.

Stories of my fated future appeared in sight,
Showering grace and paving the path right,
Lessons of enlightenment so deep,
Covered with distilled love, that blissful ray of light.

A state of ecstasy and gratified delight,
Brought upon me with all Their might,
The effects of my virtuous karma, I reap,
Piling and stacking goodness in a heap,
I offer my gratitude upright,
Showering with grace, that blissful ray of light.
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