Blocked by the Cupid

Blocked by the Cupid

His mouth was stiffled with a rag and he was fastened to a chair. He was blindfolded. The only senses which he was able to feel at the moment were auditory and anything over his skin. He was bewildered, only thing he could recognise is that it was a voyage by ship. His life ebbing away as he was left to starve. Unknown to what his fate was and when he would kick the bucket just waiting for his impending death. He was being taken away to Tortosa as he heard.

Finally as they reached their destination he could see light of day and that now he was in a shack. As he saw his beloved wife approach he was dumbstruck and angst as it was many moons ago when he himself assassinated his wife Ruth as she betrayed John her husband and it was a matter of water under the bridge for John as he had moved on in his life.

He was unable to identify was it a mirage as he once or twice had the guilt of murdering his wife or was she there. I was taken care of by our neighbours as I lost my conscience in our lawn unbeknownst to your knowledge as Ruth recalled and narrated how was she there in front of him.

It was Sunday morning overcast with clouds of 1999 when you and Simon my lover were in fisticuffs and I had never seen you in such a rage. It all started when you were on your business tours and I felt lonely and came across Simon through Candace I met him in a party and we often started meeting and it was no longer when there was a camaraderie between us but I did not understand when that line between friendship and love got blurr. It was no more a friendship we were madly in love or I think it was your absence which made me do so. We often met over coffees and than you finally caught us red handed when you had tried to astonish me by coming early from your business tour and then in your fight with Simon, Simon left the mortal world and you murdered me as you broke a wine bottle near you and your last words were “I had and would have been loving you only if  you were true to me.” And the next moment I was laid languid on the ground and left for myself as you cleared the evidences coerced the gardener’s fingerprints on the wine bottle and locked me in a closet and went out of town the very moment.

It was when you put our house on lease the next day when our neighbours discovered my body. It’s since then when I resuscitated I am plotting against you and I swear you will have a life worst than death. Every hope to live within you will die as the day passes. I will not let live nor let die. Revenge is bubbling within me.

Your deeds are my reward as they have kindled the fire within me. I had been following every move of yours when you were on tours, what time you slept and woke up, your meetings and flights schedule, your hotel stays all through your organisation and I wanted an opportunity and the right moment to kidnap you. I entered your hotel as your wife and disguised myself as a Buttler and mixed sleeping pills in your drink and then checked out of the hotel and pretended as if you were drunk and then took you on the cruise. I thought to throw down in the water directly but I wanted to torture you more and so I bought you here.

The next morning you will have to surrender yourself to the police and accept your crime. I would be the proof as I would come along with you and put a charge of attempt to murder on you and before this you will have to give all the credit cards to me and name all the property and shares on my name and even if this is not acceptable I have my ways you will have to breathe your last. and I will murder you in the same way as you did to me. Hence, Ruth lived happily ever after as John didn’t do as he was commanded hence he was expunged.


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