Born to Heal

Born to Heal

Being sea lovers, as soon as children’s holidays are declared, we are usually off for beach vacations and this time we chose Greek islands.

Our holidays started as soon as we landed at Athens. It was already 8 pm but the sun had not yet set and by the time we reached our Airbnb apartment, it was dusk, though the time was around 9:30 pm. Weather was pleasant and we were all ready to explore one of the oldest city of the world, now a large cosmopolitan metropolis.

The next morning, after breakfast, we straightaway went to Plaka and were mesmerized by its unique beauty. The family-run shops and taverns, cafes brewing aromatic Greek coffee and baking Greek and Italian specialities, small souvenir shops along the cemented streets, old and congested yet neat Greek structures with locals playing music and dance; all these gave our day just the required kick.

After a delicious, freshly baked pizza in lunch, we got ready for the Parthenon, the temple of Goddess Athena on an adjacent hill top. We purchased the tickets; thankfully it was May and  not the maddening tourist season of August.

By the time we climbed the hill, my son was drained off and he lay down on a wooden bench. As I sat with his head on my lap, a gentle breeze caressed us and we felt better. After sometime he ran towards his father at the pinnacle point, where the mighty Greek flag stood straight and fluttered alongwith powerful wind.

While they were clicking pictures, I moved towards the temple. I felt a voice calling me, “I was waiting for you.”

Though the area was surrounded by ropes due to the undergoing renovation, I could feel strong positive vibrations as if I was linked to this place.

“You had to be here. You were born with a purpose,” I heard, but as I followed the voice, the lady police stopped me.

Before she could say something, my husband came running with furrowed brows, “Where are you going? I had been calling you for pictures. Come.”

Consequently, I followed him but I couldn’t forget the voice and disclosed it to my husband that night but he asked me to forget and enjoy the trip.

“My mistake! I wanted to see the famous historical temple,” he said placing his hands over mine.

“But I don’t think it was bad spirit. I could feel a positive aura in the voice,” I said.

“Anyways we are leaving Athens tomorrow,” he said shrugging his shoulders.

We were now ready to hop on the Blue Star ferry for our trip to the exotic islands of Greece.

The journey started with a luxurious ship from Athens to Rhodes. Our first class sea facing cabin with five star facilities made our one night sea journey as beautiful as that of a cruise. The nature was at its best in Rhodes and we thoroughly enjoyed the sea, the sunrise and the sunsets, the Mediterranean food and the weather.

At Colossus of Rhodes, which was replaced by the deer and doe, I again felt some vibrations and saw the original mighty statue and explained to my children but ignored considering it my imagination.

Crete was our second island and beautiful in its own way. The beautiful White Mountains, curved pristine beaches, the Venetian architecture, traditional boats,  everything and every place was a treat to our eyes.

“You must visit Knossos Palace in Heraklion,” said the guide who took us to the orange groves, olive oil factory and old Byzantine church in Chania.

“I know! I have read about it too, but I think, we are running short of time and we have our ferry tomorrow for Santorini,” I replied.

Moreover, since children were not interested in historical place, we left Crete with whatever we could explore in the small span of four days.

As we landed the beautiful white and blue island of Santorini, we felt great. Although all of us were happy but a gush of inner happiness had enveloped me as if I was in a known city. The sun, the sea, the sky imparted me an inner strength along with a sense of contentment.

Our hotel was at Perissa or the black beach which was on the eastern side of the island whereas we had landed on the west.

Santorini is a volcanic island with beaches created out of earlier volcanic eruptions and the black, red and white beach are quite famous.

The owner of our hotel, a beautiful hazel eyed friendly lady, advised us to visit Fira, the capital in the evening and enjoy the sunset. As we followed her advice, we felt grateful. It was our most beautiful evening in Greece. The hues of orange, pink, purple, violet in the backdrop of the sun, on the horizon was one of the most picturesque sunsets we had ever witnessed. All this from a cliff that stood right above the sea . The sea was another beautiful site to behold; full of traditional boats, cruise, motor boats, ferries and  tiny volcanic islands popping up in between.

We thanked our hostess and went for a goodnight sleep in our white and blue curved roof room. I enjoyed standing in our tiny balcony. The sea breeze caressed me along with the soothing sound of waves which helped me relaxing my tired muscles.

The next day, we got up early for a visit to the active Volcano Nea Kameni and the hot springs, which had been booked the previous day. The day was tiring, as the trek to volcano was long, rugged and the sweltering heat of the sun drained us of all the energy. So we decided to rest the following day.

But kids had gained energy by the next morning and they wanted to see the red beach, south of Santorini. As we were tired, we hired the hotel taxi for the whole day so that we could avoid too much of walking.

The price had been fixed and so we were relaxed but as we were about to reach the beach, the driver persuaded us to visit the archaeological site of Akrotiri. “Believe me, you will not repent,” he said with a grin from ear to ear and I could feel his positive vibes.

“Moreover how would he benefit from our visit? The ticket money would go to government and he would have to wait for us too,” said my husband in Hindi and we acquiesced though children were reluctant.

Akrotiri, we learnt was about 16th century BC excavations. As we entered the ruins, I saw myself sitting inside a builtup temple in white robe, healing a man lying on the floor, with a group of other healers.    “Am I hallucinating?” I pinched myself.

What was that? But I was just fine nothing was bothering me. I told my husband that I wanted to sit there for sometime and in the meantime, he can take a round with the kids.

As I stood still and saw those ruins, I could see the original ones, in my mind. I had lived there, yes right there … a healer, years back. I was learning from a teacher.

I decided to take a walk and as I walked into my own state of  trance walking around the ruins, I could literally rebuild the original buildings…. Though not all. And as my husband and children joined me, I described them what I could see, the house, the temple, the things and then what was missing, the priced possessions, the furniture of the house ……. I wasn’t reading the descriptions but my husband was.

“The city was evacuated with little or no loss of life and perhaps that was the reason no gold was found during the excavations.”

All three of them looked at me awestruck.

“Let’s go!” said my husband, these people might catch your mother for details. They are already rebuilding Parthenon, else they plan to reconstruct Akrotiri.

“So! Did you enjoy?” asked the driver. “I usually don’t force anyone but today I felt an urge, that you must see this place.”

And as I saw his face again, I closed my eyes and realized that this man was among the other healers in that temple. No doubt his soul wanted me to visit this place. We were somewhere connected.

The kids wanted to enjoy on the red beach while I was interested in chatting with this driver. I told my husband and he said in hindi, “Look, we are in a foreign country and I wish to go back to my country safely with you all. So please take care. I hope you will not invite any problems.”

“Come-on! I just want to find out if there’s any link. Don’t worry.”

So as my family went to the beach, I waited for them in the parking, chatting with the driver, “So you are a driver by profession?”

“Nope! Traveling, driving, guiding and meeting people is just my hobby and the hotel owner, being my uncle, calls me whenever he needs a driver. I am a tarot and angel card reader, a reiki master and a healer by profession,” said the driver Nick. “And today my angels asked me to take you to the ruins of Akrotiri.”

I was literally taken aback. I was myself a Reiki channel, my mother being a Reiki Master, had given me the attunement long back when I was studying in the University; but I had not used it much because of my wavering faith.

She is also tarot and angel card reader whereas I never gave her or her readings  much importance.

So now I felt more comfortable with him and described what I saw there.

“Exactly we were part of a healing family. You know, the civilization was quite advanced and they had predicted the disastrous volcanic eruption.”

My angels say, “ I must tell you that you were born to heal.”

I couldn’t believe this. I was in Santorini for all the beach fun and here I was sitting and talking spirituality. My husband approached with a frown, “Kids are calling you. I guess we are here to enjoy at this beautiful place and the red beach.”

“I will accompany you to the beach, we can sit there and talk,” said Nick and together we walked down to the beach.

“We all are born to uplift our souls. Our final aim is to merge into that supreme soul. Since you have been a healer in your past lives you must continue the good work to keep uplifting your soul,” he said.

Wow! There’s nothing new in it and we’ve read it in Vedas and all Hindu scriptures too but learning this in a foreign land reiterated that we all are born to brighten our souls. I felt exhilarated as I found the purpose of my life.

“Thank you so much Nick!” I said and ran towards the sea, where kids were playing with their father. I pulled down my dress and ran into the sea in my swimsuit to give myself a refreshing spiritual bathe.

It was one of the most beautiful day of my life, a day when my spirits were high too.

Back home, I randomly picked a book from my mother’s collection “God is my witness: The story of the world famous healer E.G Fricker”. The book instantly taught me that we don’t need to have a medical background to be a healer. What is required is immense faith and love.

Today I have started practicing Reiki again and I am learning yoga and naturopath too to follow my passion and mission.


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