Braveheart Always Wins

Braveheart Always Wins

Only twelve she was when she had the wired dream,
She would meet Sentinelese of Andaman one day.
She knew she had to cross an ocean, not just a stream.
But father laughed on the impossibility, to her dismay.

 She acquired the required degree, MSc in anthropology. 
Time had come to visit Andaman for research. 
But instead of approval, she got the board’s apology. 
Towards probable death how could they let her march?

 Her determination finally won her the director’s vote. 
She set sail to the land of mystery and a culture undiscovered.
She finally reached the tribe living in the remotest of remote,
Making their bows and arrows vain, her sincerity hovered.

 There, many strived to put a foot, but all returned wounded.
Only she won the unwinnable with the elixir of love and energy.
The most secluded tribe accepted her gifts and became bonded.   
For her undying courage, we salute you, Dr. Madhubala Chatterjee.

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One thought on “Braveheart Always Wins

  1. A well-written eulogy to the first woman who succeeded in establishing contacts with the elusive Andaman tribe, the Sentinelese, in 1991. This poem would help readers get acquainted with Dr Madhumala Chattopadhyay and her triumphant attempt in knowing the Sentinelese and learn their culture for the world to understand. Though marred with a few missing articles and improper use of words (ex. hovered), Braveheart Always Wins is a brilliant poem that depicts a woman’s courage in pursuing something important, a character that is inspiring and worth emulating.

    Overall, this was a good attempt. Keep writing!

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