Break Free

Break Free

Whenever my parents proudly called me their son,
I trembled to reveal my other dimension,
I hid my feelings and desires for quite long,
Though things seemed right to them, to me they were wrong.

Fascinated I was by dolls and flashy gowns,
In a make-believe world I’d let myself drown,
Jewelry and lipsticks I’d often borrow,
And hide them safely beneath my pillow.

As I grew, my mind imploded with silent screams,
I wallowed helplessly between masks extreme,
I felt my body did not belong to me,
My reflection seemed a stranger sadly.

Then at last, I decided ‘enough was enough’,
With grit I embarked upon a journey tough,
My true identity, I was glad to embrace,
All the challenges I was determined to face.

Abandoned I was by the people I knew,
Thankfully I was supported by strangers few,
Now I walk tall without regrets ’cause I’m free,
To the world I’m no more a ‘he’ but a ‘she’.


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