Hunan Research Center(HRC):

A group of scientists are tirelessly working. They are completely covered, wearing suits and face masks, the only thing visible is their eyes.

CIA Office:

“Sir our team has been closely monitoring the activities at HRC. Things look grim. We need to take immediate action.” states Detective Bennet.

“Are you absolutely sure? You know the impact this will have right?” Officer Sam questions.

“Absolutely positive sir. The reports have been verified.” replies Bennet.

“Let me run this through Mr President ASAP”

Next day:

“Bennet you need to travel immediately. Keep me posted. I hope you understand the repercussions?” Sam hands over the travel documents to Bennet.

“Yes sir.” Bennet takes them and proceeds for the mission.

A private charter drops her at the Hunan Airport wherein Chingi awaits for her arrival. On their way to her hotel, he briefs her about their proposed plan.

Dr Yui, the lead scientist has to give a presentation at a college so Bennet and her team take position around the campus and along the roads leading to the lab. They planned to hold him hostage on his way back.

Bennet and Chingi follow his car as he heads out of the campus. After a few kilometers, the car takes an unexpected turn.

“Bennet, Yui has changed course. Not sure where he is going now” Chingi sounded worried.

“Inform the others and continue following him. This might be our only chance and I am not losing it at any cost.” she ordered.

Yui’s car stops in the middle of nowhere. Bennet and Chingi watch with bated breaths as he gets down with a briefcase and kneels on the ground. Mother Nature, I apologise for the destructions caused by us humans. I will avenge your loss.

Bennet and Chingi exchange worried looks.

“Quick. Now.” Bennet orders. “We don’t have time to wait for others.”

They pounce on him. Yui is completely taken aback. He tries freeing himself but was so tired in his struggle that he starts getting an asthma attack.

“My inhaler please!” he gestures towards his briefcase.

Chingi looks towards Bennet who nods. Chingi rummages through his briefcase, finds the inhaler and hands it to Yui. 

Yui shakes the inhaler and sprays twice in the air before taking a puff just like he did in college.

Bennett’s eyes grow wide. She grabs the inhaler from Yui’s hand. Chingi too realises what happened.

Yui begins laughing, a laugh that is pure evil.

“This virus can remain airborne for hours and whoever comes in contact almost certainly dies. Humans are its carriers. Only the fittest will survive. Nature will breathe again. The time bomb has been triggered. Tick tock tick tock” he roars.

He has a sudden bout of coughing and within seconds he passes away. His face holds a satisfied smile.

Bennet and Chingi stare at his body horrostruck. They pick up their cells to dial but couldn’t make it to tell the world that doomsday was here.


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