Broken Melodies

Broken Melodies

As Meadows muse o’er summers bright
Shadows loomed o’er ether of night
Brought her to life gusty chinook
Rapt she was in chortles of brook
A broken moon still shines 

All Thoughts and feelings dwindled to naught  
A new chaos her quill besought
Poetry lay wretched and forlorn 
Rhythm and melody long begone
A broken verse still rhymes

Artistry quelled neath life austere
Barren eyes now consumed in fear
Bedimmed are stars eclipsed is fate
Stifled with truth, she can’t negate
A broken dream still guides

In nadirs of zemblanity
She found new serendipity
Paddling through the muddles of gloom
Novel ways she professed to bloom 
A broken heart still beats
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