The cherubic hands are eager to caress my petals
Lured they are by my glorious, fragrant core 
“Stay away child!” she says, frazzled by my pernicious being
Worry writ large on her otherwise benign face

Drooping forlornly, I tremble in the balmy night air
Hurt to the core, I look up to you to seek reassurance
You smile at me, with your serene, plenilune aura
Your tranquil light my eases my pain

Every placid eventide, when I wait for you
You shine down upon my ambrosial, pristine form
The sonorous breeze, a witness to our amour
Sublime secrets we share, long into the spangled night

“It’s time to go”, you whisper to me softly
As the aurora of a new day seeps in through the east
“So long till our blissful rendezvous tomorrow”, I say
And I know I’ll wait for you with open arms, evermore and beyond!
Poet’s note-
Brugmansia or Moonflower, has a strong, pleasing fragrance that is most noticeable in the evening. These flowers are toxic in nature; and hence kids are warned to stay away from these flowers in the garden.
I am a self confessed Selenophile and hence thought of penning this verse.
We, as humans are not perfect. Our loved ones, accept us with all our imperfections; and love us wholeheartedly
The philia between her (Brugmansia) and him (The Moon) is precious and indescribable.
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One thought on “Brugmansia

  1. I like how you were so consistent with the four lines per stanza. I only suggest you to use proper punctuation marks, particularly it should be a comma before quotation marks, not the other way around.

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