Mickey was enjoying the evening tea. His faithful friend Pluto served it with love. The pleasant sun and the refreshing tea, “Ah…what a good friend I have got!”

Suddenly, he heard the sound of someone rushing out of the house. He went to the balcony and peeped outside. It was Pluto. He was running after a rabbit . He exclaimed, “Oho…Pluto, don’t hurt the cute animal.” Hold it carefully and bring it home .

As Pluto was obedient, he did exactly what was commanded to him. He brought the rabbit inside the house. Mickey was delighted to welcome the new member. He told Pluto to  give a carrot to the rabbit. The rabbit was shivering with fear seeing a new place, but the love shown by Mickey pacified him a little bit. He started enjoying their company.

Mickey excitedly asked Pluto, “What shall we name the rabbit? Think of a good name Pluto.” Pluto thought for a while and then suggested a name ‘Daniel’. But Mickey was not happy with the name. He thought for sometime, “How about Napoleon?” He didn’t argue further and agreed with the name.

So the rabbit was named Napoleon but was fondly called Nuppu. Gradually, rabbit liked both of them, Mickey and Pluto. Ample of love was showered on Nuppu by both of his friends. Mickey was very particular about Nuppu’s food. Everyday fresh carrots and sweet chocolate cookies were provided to him. Nuppu started getting more attached to Mickey  and both of them spent a lot of time together.

By the time Pluto had started feeling uncomfortable and left out. Seeing them together all the time made him jealous. It’s natural as initially he was Mickey’s only companion and was getting his full attention. Now he felt neglected. He blamed Nuppu for that. One day he did an act which Mickey had never thought he would never do. He took the carrots and hid them.

Nuppu loved carrots very much and he spent the whole day searching for them. Mickey could sense something wrong so he tried to find out what was going on. When he found out about what Pluto had done… he got infuriated and scolded Pluto for his wrongdoings. Pluto had never been scolded at before so he felt very insulted. He brought back the carrots from the hideout and placed them before Mickey.

Pluto’s anger did not subside so he cunningly took the box of  cookies and hid them somewhere. At tea time Mickey usually gave cookies to Nuppu. That day he could not find the box. Instantly, he knew this was the work of Pluto. He glared at Pluto. Pluto got mad and went to another room that night.

Love brings possessiveness and leads to hurting of our ego. That was exactly what happened to Pluto. He felt Mickey’s love was now divided between the both of them and the happy-go-lucky Pluto was now sad because of his jealousy.


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