Calendar by 21

Calendar by 21

21 minutes from now:

The world will still be this sad, boring thing. It will be really bad. Worst of all, there’s not going to be any new video games.

21 hours from now:

A new day! Woohoo! Not. A new day of covid-19, boredom, and death. If I’m going to be honest, I’m just not even going to think about how bad it’s going to be. Hopefully more vaccines will be manufactured.

21 days from now:

Covid-19 is still going to be around. Hopefully the virus will be suffering an exponential decay. Online learning and working from home will continue. We can’t leave the house. The vaccines may be distributed. It will be February by then.

21 weeks from now:

Covid-19 will be coming to an end(hopefully). Most people will resume the normal things like going to work and school. We may be able to go out for a while.

21 months from now:

Covid-19 will be over. There will be some new school years, and it won’t be 2021. We will finally continue our lives normally. There better not be another pandemic.

21 years from now:

I will be free. I will be out of college, and I won’t be melting away with loads of homework. I will have a job, a house, and a fancy car. There will be many new inventions by then, and along with that, more pollution. Best of all, I will be in my own control. No one will tell me how to spend my money, and how to do things. I will do what I want, when I want it!

21 decades from now:

Well, all I have to say about this is I hope the world has some oxygen left in it. Hopefully there is not going to be too much pollution, and hopefully there’s not going to be any asteroids crashing into earth. Hopefully there will be some new ways to treat cancer. Let’s hope there’s some more video games!

21 centuries from now:

I hope robots haven’t taken over yet. I hope earth is still here. I hope people have evolved a lot. I hope there’s new medical advancements.

21 thousand years from now:

Who am I kidding here? If the world is evolving at the rate it is now, with all the pollution, I think the ice caps are going to be boiling water. I don’t think I know. If humans still exist, then they’ve clearly evolved to live in high temperatures, because global warming is going to be global melting. If earth is still here, that is very surprising, because it’s probably going to be reduced to smoke. Well, most of all, let’s hope that humans are still here. Or on Mars.


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One thought on “Calendar by 21

  1. Tanya – What a picture you have portrayed – of the future. Grim. I hope the world turns out to be a better place. Well written, girl. Keep writing

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