Call me Luv

Call me Luv

I remember my first meeting with her, on her very first day in the office, she was introduced to all of us. She appeared sophisticated and well-groomed in formal attire. Cool and smart from head to toe… toes? No, when I checked her toes, I saw that she was wearing peep-toe sandal on one foot and a sneaker on other foot! She walked up to me and in a completely alien accent said “Hi, I am Lavanya, call me Love” and she winked! (I should spell it as ‘Luv’) Later, the ‘Luv’ was followed by a wink while greeting the boys too! Some of the boys looked very happy as if they had found the ‘love’ of their life. 


Soon Luv was assigned a project and she assumed a role of a project co-ordinator on my existing project. For her first ever tele-conference with the client, she came all dressed up in sensational red top and black trousers. That day, both her shoes appeared alike but on a closer look at her earnings, I realized that they did not make a pair! Ordinary people like me took time to understand it was her fashion statement. My fashion sense needed a lot of improvement.

Later, during the call, I started telling the client about URL of the new server location. In my very ordinary Indian accent, I slowly spoke “http, colon, slash slash…”. Luv was not happy with my way of pronunciation. As the project coordinator she took control and said to the client in her alien accent “Alex, I will repeat it for you, ech thi thi phi, kholan, slash slash…”. She looked at me to make sure that I had realized my mistake. Of course, I needed to improve a lot. I thought “I should start wearing mismatched shoes and earrings. The accent will follow the fashion”. 


Everyday office cabs used to pick up all employees from their homes. One day some cab vendors went on a strike and limited cabs were shuttling. I got excited when the cab driver told me that my cab followed a different rout that day and next pick up was of Lavanya ma’am. Finally, I was going to get a chance to see her home. Probably I was going to see more examples sophistication and style.

The cab started moving through maze of narrow lanes and then stopped in front of a lane that was too small to accommodate any big vehicle. There were some stray dogs sleeping on and couple of buffaloes were casually moving around. Suddenly from behind one of the buffaloes Luv emerged. She very skilfully tip-toed through the mud and the herd of buffaloes. When she reached close to the cab, she looked back at someone in the lane and shouted at the tip of her voice “You motherf**r, don’t you know my cab was supposed to come here today? Why are you bathing the buffalos now?  You assh*le”.


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