Camouflaging Feelings

Camouflaging Feelings

Each day is a new opening,
Choices and changes to be made,
Camouflaging feelings should fade,
Rise and accept new beginning.

Hiding feelings under the carpet,
Reiterating words in any situations, “I am fine.”
Can these feelings and reactions help?
Can this mental state solve problems?
Emotional turmoil and tribulations,
Draining your peace and serenity within.

Look from a different perspective.
Find solutions, never give up.
Pushed matters, may again erupt.
Probe and be more retrospective.

The fighting spirit and self-belief need to be alive.
Your callings and commitments need to be prioritized.
The words, “No, I am not fine,” should be accepted.
Act, protect and react to the situation asking for self-help.
Mental health and peace of mind is more important.
But, emotional turmoil and unnecessary stress is not fine.

Desire to win and drive to lead may make you feel strange,
But, make a choice, to see that required change.
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