Caparisoned Steed

Caparisoned Steed

He surveyed the cavalcade and knights spruced
Neighed and clanked hoof on the breast of the earth
Sinewy nerves peerless to cimeter
Charged cohort fronts the army of the foe
The wheezing bows and arrows, droning thick
Fairly had thundering falchion wielded
Raucous echoes, smouldering battlefield
Carcass laid bare to hawk’s devious eye
He spurned the grim sight naked in blood tide
Clenched iron bit and pinions of wind waned
Down the gaping steep, he trudged to resign
The plaudits dimmed, chagrin chars the scrouge
Bolshie he scraped the grand caparison
Reluctant to canter as the hoofs twinged.
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