Carnatic Music Journey

Carnatic Music Journey

With notes Sa,Ri,Ga,Ma,Pa,Da,Ni,
Carnatic musical adventure
Does begin with guru for students.

Know that it takes quite a long time for
Mindfully mastering nuances
Of raga and tala with bhaava.

In due course one can earn name and fame,
Enthralling numerous rasikas
By singing on sabhas with ardour.
Glossary :
Bhaava – Emotion
Rasikas – Fans
Sabhas – gatherings

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One thought on “Carnatic Music Journey

  1. Carnatic music, associated with the southern part of India is one of the important sub genres of the Indian classical music. Confined to mainly four modern Indian states like, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, Carnatic music with its taala, laya and raga, is more than just an amalgamation of musical notes, rhythm and melody but is an eternal journey amidst the vibrancy of euphony ; a sheer musical sojourn representing the Indian heritage.

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