Chasing the Rainbow

Chasing the Rainbow

We shared a look, a whisper, and sparks flew!
Stolen glances in the college canteen, 
Secret rendezvous over a hot brew,
Fired our virgin hearts at naïve nineteen. 

Life unfurled like a technicolour dream
When we shared a look, a touch, and sparks flew!
Our love shone bright in sunshine and moonbeam
‘Bout the lurking perils, we had no clue.

“Kill the girls…hang them!” Louder the cries grew
We held hands, ran, and yearned for the times when
We shared a look, a whisper, and sparks flew,
Now with bruised feet, we tore through glade and glen!

We scanned the grey skies for our rainbow bright,
As love glazed gently like the morning dew, 
Our destinies, we strove hard to rewrite,
We shared a look, a whisper, and sparks flew!
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