Cheery Bakery

Cheery Bakery

“It’s all a bad dream…this can’t be happening! Please tell me you’re joking, Mr. Webber?…” 
Susie looked at him expectantly.

Mr. Webber seemed helpless as he compassionately said, “I’m truly sorry. I wish I could tell you that…”

Susie looked around at her cubicle where she had spent eight years giving it her all for her work.

Long hours, working into the night and doing more than required because she was a perfectionist. 

One would think she was indispensable and secure in the employee roster. What a blow it was to the entire staff and a punch in the gut for Susie when her name was in the list of lay-offs!  

Businesses were closing. The economy was crashing.

Come autumn and Susie was still unemployed despite her spotless credentials and references given. Bills and rent kept piling up. Her savings wouldn’t last for long if this kept going. She would have to find a cheaper place to stay.

Oh! What on earth am I going to do! she despaired. Only a miracle can save me now.

With these glum thoughts, she drifted off to sleep only at the crack of dawn.

The next morning, Susie was rudely awakened by the shrill ringing of the phone.

Oh damn! It’s eleven in the morning already?!

She groggily picked up the phone and drawled a greeting.

“Susie, it’s Aunt are you, my child?”

Susie sat up sharply. Mabel was a grand-aunt who lived a few miles away.

“Aunt Mabel! Is everything alright?” she panicked.

“Nothing to worry about. Come over. I need to discuss some things with you.”

Susie took a bus ride to Aunt Mabel’s place.

“Would you like to take over my Cheery Bakery, dear? I’m getting old and arthritic and I can’t think of anyone who could run it better than you…” Aunt Mabel looked at her hopefully.

“Aunt Mabel, I did enjoy baking with you when I stayed over during the vacations, but to run a full-fledged bakery…I don’t think I can do it…”

“What if I told you that I have a magic recipe book and a secret ingredient to make your creations sell like hot cakes?” 

She had a twinkle in her eye.

“I guess I’ve got nothing to lose. I’m jobless and will soon be hunting for a cheaper place to stay, so I guess your offer is as good as any.”

Susie followed the recipes in the ‘magic recipe book’ to the T and made sure she used the ‘secret ingredient’.

Years passed by and Cheery Bakery flourished like never before. Susie started believing in magic.

Only when she was on top of her game did Aunt Mabel reveal what the secret ingredient was.

“You already had the dedication, but a little bit of confidence was what you needed. This here is only sugar dust!” She tapped the sprinkler of the ‘secret ingredient’.

“Magic is something you make! Believe in yourself.”

And we all have that magic in us.
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