“Magic is something you make. Just put your heart into whatever you do; the result will be magical.” Grandpa John’s words echoed in his mind. 

Jerome was ten when his grandpa finally kicked the bucket. But he remembered the old man’s words and always added a dash of love to his deeds. Yet, Jerome never felt any tingle or buzz; nor did he receive a shower of stardust. Now a young lad of fifteen, he still hopes to make magic someday.

“I wish Grandpa was here to guide me.” Sulked Jerome, gazing at a twinkling star one night. The night-that turned into a dawn of revelation.


“Granpa, you mean I did magic when I made a sweatshirt bed for Paul? Well, I wanted to gift something useful for Christmas. So I gathered my old sweatshirts and secretly made a bed for him. He kept jumping in and out of his new bed in joy. He’s not just a pet dog; he’s my best buddy too.” 

“Ha! Ha! Ha! My boy, that’s how you made magic- by showing love and care to that mute being. Remember the day when you handed out cookies and cards to the kids of an orphanage?”

“Oh yes! I helped mom to bake those cookies. You know Grandpa, I quit watching cartoons for a week and made cards for them. They loved the gifts and were beaming with joy. It was so much fun. I remember it clearly.”

“Yet again that day, you made magic. You shared your blessings to cheer them up. Your actions brought a smile on their faces- that was magic. When you painted your old bike and gifted it to the homeless guy- you made magic. When you crafted a special wooden stick for our visually challenged neighbour, you made magic by showing empathy.”

“I’ve been waiting to make magic without realising the truth. Today, you made me understand the essence of magic. Love you, grandpa! Please stay, and never leave me again.”  

“I love you too, Jerome. But it’s time for me to go. Remember, each time we bring happiness to someone, we make magic. We don’t need to do anything grand. A simple gesture of kindness is enough. So keep making magic. My blessings are with you, my boy.”


“Grandpa…wait…grandpa…”  Jerome woke up with a jerk. Warm yellow rays were wafting through his window. No one was in sight. Was it a dream? Or was it a message?

“Friends, do you want to make magic?” Jerome’s words tickled the curious minds. Over the weekend, they got together and made beautiful décor items out of old discarded stuffs. “Guys, now our job is to tie these décors on every tree in the neighbourhood. This will be our unique Christmas present for Mother Nature.”

Amidst a loud cheer, Jerome could hear his grandpa’s voice. He could visualize his smiling face. Thank you, grandpa! I couldn’t have it without your help. And now, I will share our secret trick with everyone.

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  1. Wow! Such an inspiring story, not just for adults but young as well. You have magic in your words and your stories too, Moumita

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