Circle of Life

Circle of Life

Mother was disappointed and hurt.
She had done so much for the upbringing of her daughter!.

Sucheta was Parvati’s only daughter. Parvati loved her as much as any mother would love her only child. She was from a middle class, orthodox family and tried to inculcate the same values in Sucheta from early childhood. This was to ensure that any family would welcome her into theirs after marriage, even if it meant disciplining Sucheta strictly. In the process,  she would stop herself from lavishing too much love overtly on Sucheta,  lest she take advantage of this weakness. 

Sucheta grew up into a fine girl adept at cooking, singing and other crafts. She turned out into ideal bride material. Parvati was proud of the product and felt that all her sacrifice was worth it.

But today Sucheta defied her. The signs of her rebellion were becoming more pronounced by the day. Today, without her mothr’s approval, she wore that skimpy dress with the plunging neckline, left her hair open and went with a friend in their car. The mother in Parvati was insulted and hurt! How could her own daughter behave like this? ‘They must get her married at the earliest now. Otherwise all her efforts would be in vain’, she thought. 

Soon after she turned 18, Sucheta was married to a good boy from an educated and respectable family. She was happy in her new life and her new family, with her. In due course,  she gave birth to a lovely baby girl who soon became her entire world. She called her Rani and looked after her like a queen. Rani was a friendly child. Her mother doted upon her and took care that Rani didn’t have to go through all the problems she herself had to face in the name of discipline. She behaved like a friend to her daughter rather than like a Hitler of a mother.

Rani grew into a smart girl and a bossy friend to her mother. Sucheta humored Rani’s behavior,  sometimes bordering on the rude. After all, they were more friends than mother and daughter! Sucheta felt proud of her equation with her daughter. 

Then, one day, Sucheta got a rude shock. In fact the shock of her life. Rani proclaimed that she would be moving out of the house and living with her boyfriend of 2 years. She completed her education and had a job. She no longer needed to be at her parents’ home. 

Sucheta was taken aback.  Rani had not confided about her plans, let alone ask for advice or seek permission.  She was left watching helplessly as Rani summoned a taxi and put her belongings in it. The boyfriend who was waiting near the taxi,  helped her into it and the taxi sped off. Sucheta was left heartbroken and wondering where she had gone wrong with her parenting!

Mother was disappointed and hurt.
She had done so much for the upbringing of her daughter!
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