Coercive Froth 

Coercive Froth 

Gales of  giggles visit no more,
Cozy confines, a dreamy  past,
Even thoughts of love, do not last,
Torn heart asunder bleeds galore.

Fragmented soul inhabits,
Window less womb,
Accusing silence crawls,
All over rogue arrogance,
White tumuli of eyes struggle,
Undo scars of mourning.

Two timing left senses aghast,
Promiscuous, I do abhor,
Gather this life and must restore,
One time gift deserving a blast. 

Precarious urge to survive,
Stony shelter turns a castle,
Emerging from ruins,
Cornucopia of hopes abound,
Dumb stuck life crawls back,
Melting coffin, a rejoicing sight.

Emotional coercion nothing but forth,
Freezing death that’s not really worth.

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