It sure was not love at first sight, but its flavour lingered,
Akin to the memories of first love.
Avowedly, I tried moulding you the way I willed,
With just the right balance of sweet and latte,
What drew me to you was your absolutely honest bitter aftertaste.
Never offering fake promises, that the world would change for me,
You did fortify my resolve to remain unaltered,
While you cradled me in your arms each morn, I rushed seeking your embrace each eve,
The conflicting voices in my mind listen to you,
My peacemaker.
You are wise and wicked with experience of a thousand years,
Of a thousand wars fought in the realms of the minds of the ones sipping you.
How are you different from an inebriant? Ask the unacquainted,
You are clearly not their cup of tea.
You do not drown us in a stupor like the spirits, masking grief and fear,
You awaken the spirit to face my demons; perhaps become one to slay one too.
Not to mention the coffeeliations and coffeliaisons I forged,
With kindred souls, who swore by their share of amethyst in a cup,
For elixir will never be as comforting, assuaging till the last drop,
Just short of eternity.
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