Cold Embrace

Cold Embrace

“It’s cold”, exclaimed she.
The handsome man standing next to her
Didn’t blink a moment and hugged her from behind.
The embrace was strong to strangle her breadth
But gentle enough to rock her to warmth
Bracing from the heart to the heart, her head laid
On his shoulders, their cheeks kissing each other
In a soft speck, the radiant sun in all glory of golden red hue
Spread on her face, and he closed his eyes and smelt her in
He could feel her with the warmth that was spreading
Along with her, in his veins and the body that felt cold
Started to melt and mingle with fragrance of a beautiful
Phenomenon of sun setting in the distant sky and lighting
Up the sky with thousands of glittering stars to usher in
The love and warmth that drove away the cold and held
You tighter wrapped in a blanket of togetherness. The minute
Before the sun went down, the river just glistened with 
Golden hue and died to a darkened black river, bringing
In silence and the glory of the night with warm winds
From the breaths that collided to beat the cold away in all fury. 
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