Cold, Not Frozen

Cold, Not Frozen

It’s the last calendar page of the year
Jingle of Santa’s bells is slowly coming near
Soon the earth will be under a white blanket of snow
The month of cold winter is here we all know
Before I make a set of resolutions new
I would like to set straight mistakes few
Call my friends whom I ignored being ‘too’ busy
To ask for forgiveness and make my heavy heart easy
Be like a warm blanket on a cold chilly night
Comfort and give solace; guide and show light
Embrace compassion and empathy; spread warmth and cheer
Visit ailing relatives; make them feel wanted and dear
A warm smile to greet people will always adorn my lips
To my cold shoulder shrug and stare I’ll give the slip
Anxiety and worry about my future gives me sometimes cold feet
Now I’ll try to be brave and boldly, all challenges meet

To swallow my ego and finally listen to my heart
I’ll call and tell him; “I miss you, why did we ever part?”
Though cold… not yet frozen
To thaw my emotions I’ve chosen

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