Cold Revenge

Cold Revenge

A ‘COLD’ winter night and everything quiet
Duped and dumped is a soul  forlorn with fright

Cocooned in his cosy corner
like a stuffed doll
Seething with ire and ensconced in appal

Chill in the air, biting cold to the bone
Low temperatures giving him the cold sores

Wrapped in the winter wear
Warmth slowly settling in
Yet somewhere he feels numb from outside and within

Shivering and stuttering not because of extreme cold
But by sheer drama of the ruthlessly bold

Those who befriend with a smile but are full of beguile
Superfluous in words and inside feeling vile

Smiling with their eyes and scorn in their minds
With derision and deception of every kind

A facade so lovely and innocent and calm
Cold blooded attitude swathed in a balm

It’s easy to catch a common cold than the stone cold sober
Better to give a cold shoulder than running for cover.

I break out in cold sweat on such
Chilly nights
Thinking of my state of mind at my plight

If vengeance is the only solution for me
Revenge is a dish better served cold
For the cold-hearted with warm smile
So I better have my say before I get cold feet

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