Colonel Sahib

Colonel Sahib

Grandpa,  as I have always known him
Never speaks much yet his wrinkled eyes always tell
His tales of resilience and pride 

A young boy in  a suburban town
Desired no farms, but be the audacious soldier
with attires of green spread on his chest 
and shiny brass atop his shoulders. 

Under  the oil lamps he’d sit night and day,  
 put his fails behind him and his will ahead 
And surely his years never went in vain  
Because ,Colonel sahib then he became.

‘Colonel sahib’ or ‘sahib’  they would call him
All those years he waited to cherish those words 
And even today my Grandma , force of habit
calls  him ‘sahib ji’ after all these years

Its funny with him for the older he gets
younger he feels,  the placating smile never leaves 
And though the face of youth is lost 
 But The heart is strong, humble and serene 
For a true soldier still persists within ….
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