Colors of Nostalgia

Colors of Nostalgia

Snuggled in my blanket
Woke up feeling suffocated
Opened the window
Sparkling snow disappeared
Revealing brown roof, black road

Picked the phone to check
Which was daily ritual
Holi messages flooded
It was Holi I forgot
It was that time of the year

Chirping birds come back
Cozy woolens bid goodbye
Cool breeze change its mood
Geysers miss the importance
Warm spring cheers up everyone

Crave delicacies
Yearn ancestral house Holi
Reminisce the smears
Exams spoilt the mood each year
Advice was enjoy later

Today as grown up
With no friends to celebrate
Family away
Solitude colors the soul
Messages and calls we honor


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One thought on “Colors of Nostalgia

  1. Oh wow.. wonderful.. exactly so… the times have changed.. seasons.. customs … celebrations remain the same… only the “WE” part has changed…our life now revolves around these tech world…beautifully written

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