Colours Do Speak

Colours Do Speak

Lying on my sofa
One lazy afternoon
Seeing children painting
The moon and shiny stars
Drifted away in a 
Vibrant colourful dream

Dreamt colourful crayons
Were sitting together
To discuss amongst them
Who has ‘flying colours’
One by one they canvas
And paint their own picture

The blue proudly proclaimed
He stands for sea and sky
Sans elixir of life
There’s scarcely any life
Each and everyone wants
Towards heaven to fly

“Sure,” said, green with a grin
“Imagine earth without
 Lush and verdant nature
Which nourishes mankind
Mercy! If I survive
 Will the Earth be alive.”

“Where’d you be”, said yellow
If there’s no sun and light
“Stop arguing,” said brown
“The earth’s mine and that’s all.”
Shy red said with a blush
“My heart is on my sleeve.”

Wise grey now intervened
“Grey cells; everyone’s need.”
Black said menacingly
“Evil and death I show”
Serenely said cool white
“Bend and disperse you all!.”
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