Coming Home

Coming Home

I’m coming home, so tired and sore 
To see you smile and hope a lil’ more 
Travelling on the sea gale strong
In the tiniest whispers of a swallow’s song 
To you my love, on a distant shore

To see you bask in the sunshine, before 
They tell you of the blood and gore 
And taint our sweet love along 
I’m coming home, a last encore 

I don’t want eulogies, praises and lore 
Twenty one guns and respects galore 
Only wish to hold you, for a moment long 
In your sweet embrace, I’ll always belong
In memories I’ll reside, forevermore 
I’m coming home, through heaven’s door.
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Mithila Gogate
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2 thoughts on “Coming Home

  1. Oh, what a lovely poem with a smooth, sanguine wishful rhythmic beat. Loved the refrain…coming home.

  2. The volta at the end was too tragic! Overall, the choice of words to convey the angst and perennial fear that resides in a beloved’s heart was conveyed brilliantly.

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