Conspiring Poultry

Conspiring Poultry

Kabutri arrived with Farmnews attached to her feet.

“Fresh news everyone,” she cooed and all farm animals gathered around.

“Two sheep found missing from Chestnut farm, Wolves rangers suspected to be behind the disappearance. Fodder Firm found to be tampering with fodder quality lately.

Hentoria Chickhamp accused of infidelity, will she be disowned from Rochester farm?”

Hearing the last bit of the news, the farm animals started murmuring.

“Hentoria, isn’t she the one who won Beautyhen competition?”
“Oh these models, what else can you expect from them?”
“Well I think we need to get it straight from the horse’s mouth,” neighed Equina, “Kabutri why don’t you fly to Rochester Farm and see how things are?”
“Mom, I will accompany you,” Masakali said.

In no time, they reached the farm. It was quite a modern one, mostly made of glass and shiny metals.
“Lets perch here quietly, there she is with her husband Henry!” Kabutri remarked, pointing her beak towards teary eyed white hen surrounded by her newly hatched chicks, five yellow and one black. Henry, also a white rooster, was pacing back and forth, in deep thought.

Masakali told her mom she will visit around the farm a bit. As she flew around, she noticed a flock of poultry whispering in a corner.

“Hentoria will be out of this farm for good today.”

“Yes our husbands will stop ogling at her and comparing her to us, Beauty hen indeed!”

“Cluck cluck, my daughter has already done her part by publishing the fake news in Farmnews.”

“Now let’s go for the master stroke!”
The flock gathered outside the Hen house and started to squawk,
“Hentoria Out!”
“Betrayers Out!”
Hearing the commotion, Hentoria and Henry stepped outside, the chicks followed suit.
A duck nudged the black chick away by flapping her wings furiously. The forlorn chick ran towards the pond.
“I saw the black rooster Hector in the coop when Henry was away!” 

“How else do you think one of them is black?”
“Is this true Hentoria? How could you do this?” asked Henry
“What are you talking about? cheeped Hentoria
“We can’t live with such characterless hens here.”, The fowls bawled, charging towards Hentoria

Amidst the hullabaloo, no one noticed the black chick drowning in the pond.
Masakali swooped down and quickly scooped it out.

“This poor chick could have died because of you all.” Masakali ululated “Henry uncle all this is a conspiracy to oust your wife out of this farm. They are jealous of her beauty so they decided to slur her character.”

“Yes Henry”, added Kabutri,” this is the play of genetics, aren’t your cousins and grandfather black roosters too?  Swayed by gossips you were ready to forsake your family? You could have lost your own chick!”

“Let’s go Masakali, am so proud! You added another feather to your cap today!”

“But am not wearing any cap Mom!”

Moral: Jealousy and doubt are lethal weapons which can destroy households and even cost lives. 

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