Craving to Turn a New Leaf

Craving to Turn a New Leaf

I am now writing out of rage
This paper is a perfect stage
Where I dress emotions in words
Giving a peek view of my worlds
My heart craves peaceful flow

You have given me enough pain
This relation I can’t sustain
I am left with much bitterness
Because of your highhandedness
My heart craves breathing space

Thoughtless to own ruination
I clamoured for your attention
Unknown to unease I could feel
With you always steering the wheel
My heart craves to break free

Our conversations were finite
Your diktats were etched in granite
My advice was simply abhorred
All wishes were rudely ignored
My heart craves to speak up

I must learn to gather my wits
My soul has taken many hits
For long we’ve been at daggers drawn
From this alliance, I’ve outgrown
My heart craves genesis

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