Cry of the Innocent

Caged for a crime I did not commit
To the laws of men I must submit

Life in freedom I envisioned
Yet nobody heard; not one listened

How many times I pleaded ‘not guilty’
Tried to make them see reality

The sorrow I felt; the torment I suffered
To men none of these mattered

For them my voice was just cacophony
A nuisance they tolerate for money

Come spring I will be sentenced
All my screams would be silenced

So will be the fate of all my kind
Their lives forever and ever sidelined.


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Rham Dhel

Rham Dhel is a vegan who dabbles in writing fiction. Her stories usually involve humans trying to find meaning in a world in disconnect with its animal inhabitants. She's an eco-child, a friend to all creatures, and a defender of the meek and mute beings of the wild.
Rham Dhel

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