Daddy’s Little Princess

From the day I can remember you always listened to me, were there for me when I needed and helped me with everything. As I grew older you never stopped that and I am thankful to you for that. I finally reached tenth and at that time you had to move to Delhi. It was all fine until grandma passed away. In one shot the entire house was empty. You used to come home every weekend and spend time with mom and me.  

As my studies started you told me to do only one thing- study with all your heart and concentrate. I agree that I never listened to that and did not score well in all the terms. But you never left my side, helped me study and assured me that I would score very good marks. I still remember that day before my exam when you took a holiday just to make sure I was well prepared for the paper and you were most happy when I told my paper went very well. My exams were over and everything was done. Then after waiting for one and a half month, my results were coming out. You told me not to worry as I would get very good marks and I will make you proud. The results came out. I had scored ninety-four per cent. It was the best feeling ever when you came and gave me a hug for those marks. I then believe the words you told that if you do anything with all your heart and concentrate you can achieve anything that you want. That very day your little princess had achieved something very big.

Thank you for everything you have done for me. I love you and please forgive for everything wrong I have done.
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