A cacophony of chirping birds fluttered high. The dense foliage enveloped all through sending mystical scents to the forest ambience. It was a warm day of spring; bright floral heads swayed gently to the tunes of the morning breeze. 

The sun-rays felt blinding to my eyes, yet glacial on my skin. Serotonin simply refused to induce any mood enhancement. I felt neither calm, nor focused. Being stuck alone in the wide jungle with not a soul in sight felt weighty.

The only refuge in this verdant forest were the copious berries and edible leaves that lay strewn upon the forest floor. I gently nibbled upon them; but it felt like the last meal my body could ingest.

The head felt dizzy; the berries were lethal perhaps— wait… or was it those innocent looking leaves. I couldn’t decide. 

I retched, and choked under the expulsion. It felt calm, warm and cosy; like I was slipping into a deep slumber. The forest seemed to cover me with a thick blanket. I snuggled and dozed off. Was this quietus? Whatever it was, I felt relieved.

I don’t know how long I snoozed. I woke up with a sudden shudder. I felt cramped and strangled. The whole world around me seemed dark. 

I tried to push myself awake, but couldn’t. The avoirdupois was beyond what my feeble body could handle. I stretched, pushed, shovelled and propelled. My body felt shackled. I wasn’t one to give up so easily. I wanted to set myself free; I simply had to do it. 

After much struggle for what seemed like eternity, an outer hard shell seemed to soften. I felt arrested and seized within these mysterious walls. I persistently shoved the outer barrier with my shanks. After paramount efforts, a small triangular piece covering my eyes fell out. 

I could sense a glittering ray of light entering my enclosure. It felt ecstatic but the struggle wasn’t over yet. 

I tried to crawl the rest of my way out of the small gap that got exposed owing to my relentless thrusts.

I heaved a sigh of relief as my upper body and abdomen came out to see the light of the day. A renewed zeal and vigour gushed through my form and I propelled forward with full force. 

My full shape finally emerged into this new life. My body felt light and fluttery. I glanced at my appearance feeling euphoric.

I christened myself ‘Dainty- The Glass-wing Butterfly’. With the glistening glow of the sun passing through my transparent wings, upon dainty petals of flowers bright, I pirouetted in glee and splendour.

I hummed in absolute jubilation,

“I was born to fly from my cocoon,
To bring forth a beauty so delicate,
Into the refreshing spring air,
Oh! So mesmerising.
As delightful as the nectar I seek,
I raise my wings as an organic clock,
Feeling each flutter,
Until the moment my body decides to rest.”

I flew out into the wilderness to explore the adventures that awaited me.
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