Dance of the Peacock

Dance of the Peacock

That proud tilt of the head, a crown on it
he struts around in his realm, arrogant.
Shyly and coyly he pecks at a worm
making his kaleidoscopic hues glint.

The turquoise chromatic feathers shimmer
when he steps delicately, daintily
over the pebbles and twigs that litter.
He seems to glide over them in his prance.

Cocking his head he listens to the breeze
that whispers the message of the heavens.
Then as if in magnificence unleashed
he unfurls his feathers, shakes them to spread.

Unmindful of the audience he bows
to the songs of the nature and dances.
As if obeying some celestial command
the peacock enthralls all the elements.


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