Dawn and Dusk

Dawn and Dusk

When the sun knocks on the horizon, you race to open the door

Oh! And when he is tired and wants to rest, I slowly swing it shut

Ready in light orange hues, gracefully you appear

Attired in splendid purple and pink I mysteriously disappear

Chanting of mantras and chiming of bells, warmly welcomes you

The twittering of homeward bound birds bids me goodbye

The promise of new hopes and beginnings each day gladly awakens you 

With the weight of tasks unfinished and dreams unfulfilled each night I sleep

Your peaceful and calm aura compels souls to meditate and pray

Hustle and bustle surrounds me, with people rushing to finish their work

Fresh bright faces greet you each morning with joy and reverence

Tired faces running behind deadlines sadly acknowledge me as yet another day gets over

Though we’ll never meet, with nature’s assigned duties we’ll persist

Between dawn and dusk we’ll give mankind a chance for their lives to remake.

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