Dawn of Love

Dawn of Love

Unknown to the feeling of love,
I was walking on the road,
When you came across me. 

Being a shy soul, 
I didn’t look at you, 
Until you greeted me in your intense voice.

Alarmed with your croaked voice,
I glanced at you, 
Gazing straight into your black eyes, 
Which revealed your soul. 

A crystal clear soul, 
A man so charming, 
With an enchanting smile, 
You left me mesmerized. 

A small smile from you, 
My heart flutters, 
With a sense of joy, 
causing me to giggle. 

You hold my hand, 
I shiver as you grip, 
You smile at me, 
As I adjust, 
To a touch so warm, 
A grip so firm, 
And an adrenaline of emotions. 

We met for a while, 
You had a sheer effect on me, 
I was lost in thoughts, 
With you on mind, 
A deep effect that you left, 
On my heart. 

That very moment, 
I began feeling a pang, 
Seeing your charming smile, 
Staring into your twinkling eyes,
Feeling your firm grip, 
And your warm touch. 

You made a home in my heart, 
I want to cherish your presence, 
I want to be caged in your love, 
I want to be loved,
By you, 
For a lifetime. 
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