Dear Brother

When the fields turn green and yellow
Come with me, young fellow
Let us welcome spring together
And play with the bees in the meadow

I will bring a jar of peanut butter
With a loaf of bread is even better
Let us watch the birds perch and fly high
Let us seize the beauty of spring weather

If the brook nearby is not dry
A few laps in it we should try
But if we find it soiled and filthy
I would be sad; I would surely cry

Dear brother, I write to you ardently
You must consider if you agree
Childhood memories let us reminisce
I will wait for you at the town’s belfry.

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Florabelle Daza

Florabelle Daza is a psychologist who loves to do things by herself. She loves watching movies and listening to music. She writes about anything that her muse offers her.

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