Dear Papa, Thank You

Dear Papa,

Now that I have grown up and completely on my own, I realize how terribly I miss your protective cover. Every single memory of childhood is still fresh in my mind. I always saw you by my side even when I did not want you to be. I can still reminisce the days when I would name your concern as interference.

I can still remember how irritated I felt when you would come to pick me up even in college. When my friends would name call me ‘little baby’. I still remember how much you worried when I went to the restaurant for the first time with my friends on my sixteenth birthday and I did not pay attention to your emotions.  

I still remember the day when you declared that you fixed the match for me and I was not very keen to tie a knot. When I was leaving for my new home, you hugged me and I said, “I know you will manage everything beautifully.” Your one sentence gave me the confidence to adjust to my new and upcoming life.  

Away from you, whenever I felt things are going haywire, I would remember your those golden words and try to set the things right. After being blessed with a baby girl myself I have now understood your consternation whenever I was not in front of you. Holding my little one in arms I can now feel each and every emotion you had at different times when it came to your own daughter.

Though I couldn’t bring those moments back, I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being an overprotective and never letting me out of your shielded cocoon.

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Sakshi Bhatnagar

Married for four beautiful years and a mother to two year old, Sakshi is a passionate educator and writing is her newly discovered love. She has a keen interest in sharing her thoughts and emotions through words with everyone and reach out to people.

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