Dear Santa- from Aditya Sharma

Dear Santa- from Aditya Sharma

Dear Santa,

First of all, let me wish you and everyone else a merry Christmas!

My beloved Santa, every year I wait for this festive time when there is an abundance of happiness and warmth on a particularly cold day. It’s the warmth of joy of giving and being content. Each year you bring a load full of goodies for me and I am so grateful for that. But this year I rather want something for my little sister. She wanted a white teddy bear and a Barbie doll on her birthday but she only got the doll and I saw her being really upset over it. She is not even playing these days. I cannot see her so out of sorts, so dear Santa please give her a white teddy bear, I will be ever so grateful. My wish list can wait till next year. Santa I want to give someone else also something. Day before yesterday we went for our school excursion to old people’s home. There was a very compassionate old lady who gave me some chocolates. I saw her knitting a sweater but she did not have enough wool to complete it, it made me think that she could have bought some wool for herself to complete her sweater, but she chose to buy me chocolates and that really touched me. I also want to return the gesture. Could you please give her something that she wants, probably wool so that she can complete her knitting. And yes, please do not tell the old lady or my sister that I told you to gift them all these things.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas again and I have decorated my home with everything you love. I will wait for you.

Yours lovingly,


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