Dear Santa- from Ananya Aloke

Dear Santa- from Ananya Aloke

Dear Santa,

Hope you are keeping well. I have everything that I could wish for and feel blessed now. So, I want to tell you that I don’t want any gifts for myself this year. I want you to get a special gift for Mili. I am sure you would agree with me on this point. Mili is a really nice little girl. But she has changed a lot recently. On the first Sunday of last month, I had gone to her house again; she refused to talk to me! I cannot see her sulking like this all the time.

Mili has been my best friend for the last five years. We hung around everywhere right from the Central Park to the colony garden and even in our school. I have always seen her laughing and make others laugh. She played pranks on everyone and once even dropped a candle on my father’s head last Diwali from her balcony! In fact both of us were quite popular as partners- in – crime.

But I have lost that Mili now. From the last six months, she has not spoken to me properly. Her younger sister tells me that she has shut out everyone. Walking down the street, I sometimes find her sitting alone and absent-minded at her window. She blows up so easily that old friends are scared to talk to her. I had a fight with her a couple of weeks ago and now as I pass by her, she doesn’t even recognize me. If I do greet her, she ignores me and walks away.

Please, dear Santa! Do find and return Mili her old laughter. Or return her grandmother whom she has lost recently and make Mili just as she had always been.

Yours Truly,
Ananya Aloke


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