Dear Santa- from Ananya Singh

Dear Santa- from Ananya Singh

Dear Santa,

This is my first letter to you and I am not asking for any gift for myself. I am writing this letter for a friend who lives in my building. His name is Raghav. He is nine years old. He loves all kinds of sports, but he is in love with badminton. But sadly he has no racket to support his passion. He has asked his parents many times, but they don’t listen to him. Every day my friends and I share our racket with him. We don’t mind sharing our racket with him, but I can see that he wants a racket for himself. He wants a Yonex racket, in black color. It should be in spectacular condition when it gets to him. You can leave it on his study table as they don’t hang any socks in their house. Please do that for him. He will be very happy and we will also be very happy to see him happy.

I hope you will be able to deliver all your presents on time. I can see that you bring smiles on children’s faces every year. But it must be very tiring for you, so afterwards, you can chill. Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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