Dear Santa- from Anusha Patel

Dear Santa- from Anusha Patel

Dear Santa,

I am willing to give a gift to my best friend, URVI. I want to give her a dog since she admires dogs. She would be very happy and will spend time with him. 

The dog is a prefect doorbell and will help her in security system in case of any suspicious movement. The dog will mimic her emotions and help her to communicate and vent out. The dog will keep her active on her feet by making her physical movement. The dog will always eat with her. The dog will never leave her alone as they  are the most loyal companions. The dog will  never forget that moment that you stepped  in their paw, but they won’t forget the friendship that you have shared in their lifetime. 

The Connection that you have with your dog is unlike any other. A friendship between a dog and a human is much more appreciated then a friendship between humans. Dogs are great listeners and are very patient. They have proven to offer a safe environment and conditional love. They will never judge humans for anything.

It’s likely no surprise to dog owners that dogs can read facial expressions, communicate jealousy, empathy etc.

The dog can sometimes read people better than humans. Dogs are always excited to see you once you are home. They put a smile on everybody’s face. Dogs pose nicely for selfies.

For the couples who are child less, they adopt a dog and take care of it as it is their child.  In return the dog will not throw any bad behaviour to them. 

I hope URVI likes the gift which I am requesting from you because it is a known fact that you will only bring gifts to well behaved children on night of Christmas Eve.


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