Dear Santa- from Arnav Mahajan

Dear Santa- from Arnav Mahajan

Dear Santa,

Every child loves you, especially for your one quality which is of Gifting presents. As you know that Christmas is no longer far, I want to wish for a present from you. You would be thinking that I would wish for a toy or for some money. My apology, but you are wrong. What I am going to ask is not for me but for the entire world. It is peace. Peace is when there is no violence at all around you. Violence is not good because people die in those situations. The best example is World War 2. Many soldiers fought for their country and died too. If you gift peace to every person in world  there will be no wars at all. If you gift peace, there will be no need of any army or any borders. If you gift peace, no one will lose their life by gun bullets or by such weapons. If you gift peace, everyone can live in their house safely. If you give peace there will be no destruction in world. If you give peace, people will live with love. I have now given you many reasons and I don’t know any more Please try your best to fulfill my wish and I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS.




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