Dear Santa- from Jatan Desai

Dear Santa- from Jatan Desai

Dear Santa,

I am Jatan Desai and I am going to ask for a precious and unforgettable gift for my Mom. I want you to do something so that my Mom gets a good job in HR / Consultancy. She works tirelessly and makes good and tasty food for us, cleans the house, brings fruits and vegetables and keeps me and my Dad healthy. Whenever I want to go out to eat or want something else, she never says NO to me. During my exams, my Mom always sits with me and makes me study hard so that I get good results. Sometimes, she is not able to finish her work also. So, now I have become independent so that she can finish her work. I know that my Mom likes to do a job so that is why I asked you for a job for my Mom as a Christmas gift. She always gives me gifts during Christmas, so this time I want to give her a Christmas gift.

I still remember everything that she gave me as a Christmas gift.

When I was:

1 year old – She gifted me a cute teddy bear.

2 years old – She gave me clothes and masks of Santa Claus.

3 years old – She gave me a photo frame and a photo when my Dad had become Santa Claus and many chocolates.

4 years old – She gifted me a Cricket Bat and a Ball.

5 years old – She gave me a mug with her photo along with Dad.

6 years old – She gave me a tiffin box in which I used to carry some snacks to school.

7 years old – She gifted me a school bag which had the photo of my favourite Cricketer, M. S. Dhoni.

8 years old – She gave me my favourite cricket attax cards and that too she gave me 125 flow packs of cricket attax.

9 years old – She gave me my favourite book set of “The Diary of a Wimpy Kid”.

And now I am surprised that what she will give me on my 10th Christmas. 

I have all the things that she gave me. I have kept it safe for these many years.

Thank you Santa. 


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