Dear Santa- from Mehak Arora

Dear Santa- from Mehak Arora

Dear Santa,

Christmas is again around and as usual I looked upon happiness and prosperity to be spread all around.

This year again I have prepared a wish list as every year I do.One thing which I wish to ask you is not for myself but for my latest friend and Ananya..she is a sweet little girl of 8 years in my school in the special children section ,whom I met on my birthday celebration. This year like every year we celebrate my birthday with my class and with the special children of my school as well. This year when I met Ananya we built a strong bond of friendship and love. We enjoyed and played a lot. We both have started eating lunch together I really feel that this Christmas I should ask a gift for her because she told me to ask Santa to bring help her get to normal like me. She cannot walk properly use hands and stammers while talking. I really wish Santa if you could help her get her happiness back.

I know you are very close to God Jesus so you are the only one who can send my wish and recommend him to fulfill it. We are also providing him with a wheelchair this year, but I wish she may not longer need it. This would be the best Christmas gift for me and my friend Ananya.

With lots of love 



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