Dear Santa- from Purvaja

Dear Santa- from Purvaja

Dear Santa, 

I expect you did a double take when you saw the name on this letter. After all, I’m not a ‘little kid’ anymore, and thus not supposed to believe in you. But this Christmas, I really need something. Christmas, and you should know, is the time of year when love strengthens three fold, and faith blooms in the hearts of the world. It is the time when laughter bubbles over, and a sense of new hope infuses the evergreen scented air. But look at our world now. Love is directed toward the artificial plastic materials wrapped in commercial, garish wrapping paper, faith is nothing but a watered down version of half hearted carolers. Laughter is but a forced cry of mirth as we pull open our crackers, and hope is now a faint, stale aroma. The true spirit of Christmas is fading year by year, and we can only stand by and watch. 

Anyway, I am writing to ask for my Christmas presents this year. I only want one (or two) things. This year, I don’t want a new computer, or a video game. I want something not for me, but for the soldiers in action right now. Whether they are young or old, the least we can do for them is give them a token of love. Spending Christmas bloody and battered, fighting, is a terrible prospect. They must miss their families, their homes, their lives. I hope that, as soon as possible, they are back home, safe and with their families once more. 


(P.S. I hope the reindeers are well.)


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One thought on “Dear Santa- from Purvaja

  1. Hi Purvaja,

    It’s a good thing you think of war and fighting as terrible and wish soldiers safe and warm in their homes with families. But wouldn’t it be best to wish for all wars and fighting to end so there’s no need for someone to become a soldier, leave he, and miss his family? No need for people to dies or kill each other? Think about it.

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