Dear Santa- from Sashya Rastogi

Dear Santa- from Sashya Rastogi

Dear Santa,

Now the time has come again to celebrate the X-mas day. I would love to decorate my Christmas tree with bells, stars, candies and lot more. I will hang my socks in my balcony and wait for the gifts to come. Every year I wait for you to come and fulfil my wish and give me wonderful gifts. Let me make my wish. Like every year this year also I want you to give me something special. Since last eleven years I was little selfish and I was wishing for myself, but this year I want you to fulfil the wishes of others who really need you.

Dear Santa I not only want you to help the poor and needy, but I also want to see the smile on the faces of all the girls present on the Earth. Since ages  boys have been given the freedom and girls have been restricted to the confine of the houses and have been given very little or no opportunity to learn and grow in life. The girls who are being discriminated and treated as a burden on their families. I wish you to give mind to an archaic mindset of those people who think that girls are liabilities and kill them in their mother’s womb. I wish you dear Santa to give strength and wisdom to all those women’s who suffer. Please give the piece of mind to all those people who think that girls can do nothing. Please explain them the importance of girls and also tell them that without girls nothing is possible on Earth. 

My dear Santa, as  you know that there are so many bad things happening with the girls daily, as I am also a girl I wish you to give the power and courage to all the girls so that they can fight against those people who do bad things with them. I want you to give punishment to those people who have bad mindset about girls. 

My dear Santa, as now I have made my wish so I hope you fulfil it and make all the girls happy on the planet. I also wish you to give smile on each and every face. I would be really thankful to you. Hope you come every year and fulfil our wishes.


From your loving 



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